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Our aim is to provide courses to tackle different areas of teacher development, based on our experience of teacher needs. We provide courses based on our extensive experience of the developmental needs of teachers. The courses are interactive and experiential, involving the participants in hands-on activities which link theory and practice. Teachers can experience learning activities for themselves and put themselves in the shoes of their students. Our trainers are all experienced and highly-trained, with various areas of expertise.

Speak well, Write easy

Ever wondered if the words you speak would sound as effective when they are written down? If the sentence you started has continued and ended in a manner that makes it easy on the listener? If the idea you wanted to communicate has been translated accurately? Well, here is a module that will help you speak and write with a competence that will become second nature to you.

Teacher Training

Cross Curricular Integration

This module works in tandem with the Lesson Planning module and enables teachers to connect as many subjects and activities offered by the school. it helps students see concepts and topics from multiple perspectives and encourages them to think laterally. Cross curricular integration, or interdisciplinary planning, takes the learners from the lower levels of thinking to Higher Order Thinking developing in them lifelong learning skills.

Teacher Training

Effective Lesson Planning

No matter what style or format a teacher uses, it is important for he/she to thoroughly plan a lesson prior to delivering it in the classroom.  This module on Lesson Planning will examine different formats of lesson plans that can be used to help teachers plan, organize and deliver quality lessons through a structured approach to classroom teaching, alignment of curriculum, instruction and assessment.

Teacher Training

Classroom Management

This module focuses on processes that teachers can use to keep a classroom organised, lessons running smoothly and student engaged in the class. The components of the workshop include: maintaining discipline, establishing routines and rapport with the students, effective time management, positive environment, effective non-threatening communication by the teacher.

Teacher Training

Quality of an effective Teacher

Whether you’re a school teacher responsible for the professional development of others, or a teacher who is looking after own professional development, in this module you’ll find answers to some focused questions on Qualities of an effective teacher like How, why and what works best in a classroom? Where to start to improve in teaching learning styles? What makes an effective teacher ?

Teacher Training

Effective Instructional Skills

Language development forms an important part of the holistic development of a child. Without language the personality of an individual can not considered to be complete. The content has been evolved to teach trainees effective strategies to identify and promote language skills of children. The student teachers will learn the nature and features of English Language. It will develop all the four language skills and the ability to teach.

Teacher Training


Language Training

Practice and improve your Fluency with other teachers and professionals. This is a practical discussion-based course aimed at targeting and improving your speaking skills.


Professional Development Courses

Success when working internationally depends increasingly upon good interpersonal skills, as well as fluency of speech, effectiveness of communication and accuracy of language. This highly practical training program cover the core communication skills in English required to function effectively.


Diversity in Education. Developing Intercultural and Communication Skills

The Diversity in Education course is aimed at teachers and educators who wish to develop their skills for participating in internationalization activities at home (receiving foreign students and teachers, teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds).


Teaching Methodology for Primary level

Enjoy meeting other Primary teachers while reviewing techniques and activities for Primary school language learners. Sessions are hands-on and practical, and cover a variety of topics.


Skills and Technology Enhanced Learning

Open up a new world to your teaching by learning about technology you can introduce into your classroom. This course is useful to both subject and language teachers.


Language Teaching Methodology Refresher courses for Secondary and Higher Levels Teaching

Revitalize your language teaching methods and discover or take a fresh look at teaching Secondary, Vocational and Higher students. Exchange ideas with your peers and experience the wide range of techniques for yourself.


Creativity as a Key Competence for the 21st Century Learner

This hands-on, practical one week course is aimed at professionals who would like to develop creativity in the classroom, school or other learning environments. A wide range of free available methodologies and technologies is introduced and worked on during this course.


Boost educational Skills and Technologies

This intensive course is aimed at professionals who would like to develop teaching methods to include technology in the classroom , school or other learning environments.


Digital Content/Smart Learning

 Interactive learning is the key to student engagement in the classroom. We provide interactive and innovative  digital learning content.

Customized Training

We understand that a program worked for another may not work for you. Here we offer a special customized training to meet your precise need.

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