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We partner with schools and educational authorities to develop and deliver proven techniques and technologies that help students learn more effectively and teachers to improve their skills on daily basis. We offer innovative school management services to prepare students for college and careers.

Customized Teachers Management

It enables teachers to stay involved in each student’s progress every step of the way, informing teacher instruction and guiding differentiated learning.

Digital Content

Interactive learning is the key to student engagement in the classroom. We provide interactive and innovative  digital learning content.

School Customer Relation Management

A good customized student management is the backbone of many successful digital marketing efforts in modern student recruitment.

Customized Student Management

Looking after all day to day operations for a school. This includes fees being paid by students, examination records of the students, transport facilities being provided by the school and availed by the students, and usage of libraries and other school facilities by the students.

What People Are Saying

“ISAAC’s Training modules and courses are superbly balanced. It is a brilliant balance of theory covering aspects such as child psychology, methods of child teaching etc. and practical aspects such as skill workshops, project work, internship etc.  The courses and modules helped me to grow professionally.”


Amit Patel, Teacher

“Modern society demands high-quality teaching and learning from teachers. ISAAC’s Teacher Training Program was all that we thought it would be and so much more! We are pleased with the way ISAAC designed their customized training program especially to meet the needs of our teachers.”


Bhavesh Shah, Director of an Educational Institute

“The trainers always helped me and quickly solved my doubts. They had years of experience and were experts. Even the admin staff was very cooperative. Thanks to the ISAAC team for their support. I will recommend ISAAC to all my fellow teachers who want to grow their career.”


Mahesh Suthar, Teacher

“ISAAC is one of the best Educational technology providers. They generate student engaging and interactive digital content.  They are wonderfully managing our School Customer Relation Management. I highly recommend them for their services.”


Jayesh Prajapati, Principal

“My training tenure at ISAAC went smoothly. Everything starting from module understanding, flexible lecture timings up to project work, everything was so convenient.  Professionally, I feel so confident to take risks and push myself to teach as much as possible and continue the journey. ”


Naman Patel, Teacher

Digital Content/Smart Learning

Interactive learning is the key to student engagement in the classroom. We provide interactive and innovative  digital learning content.

Customized Training

We understand that a program worked for another may not work for you. Here we offer a special customized training to meet your precise need.

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