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ISAAC is a trusted platform for education and learning. In the journey of last 3 decades, our constant innovation has led to an increased demand for our training  courses and management services. We believe that teachers always left their mark on students mind, and that is why our purpose is to nurture, develop and groom teachers. We want to make sure that teachers leave a mark of immense knowledge by enhancing the effectiveness of their teaching skill.

Education is our legacy for the future

In a rapidly changing world with an increasingly uncertain future, education is probably the most important single thing any organization does, and that importance just keeps growing.  Knowledge and the benefit of experience are the most valuable legacies we are passing on to future generations.

Evolve into a better version of yourself

Training and education are both critical and evolving quickly. The challenge for everyone is not just to keep pace with current norms but to also prepare new arrivals for dealing with what may be a range of possibilities in the future.

Education is in our Blood

Education is a lifetime process with no true beginning or ending. Education consists of experience, environment, socialization and communication. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” It is through education that you can change the face of the world.

Value driven Educational Policy Making

Effective policy making requires paying attention not only to the level and mix of educational goods, but also to how they are distributed across students or groups of students. We emphasize to focus on three significant values — equality, adequacy, and benefiting the less advantaged.  With immense responsibility ISAAC helps policy makers to think and draft these three goal driven policies.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory  board is led by the members of reputed educational institutes and entity. The board guide us to develop creative strategies that tackle the most challenging issues facing higher education. Our respected board members volunteer to speak and discuss about new education policies at various platforms such as  ISAAC conference events, Training workshops and on virtual web conferences. All our effort and work is focused on defining the best training methods for educators


Harshad Patel

Vice Chancellor,
IITE -Gandhinagar

Jaydev Sonagara

Educationalist, Author, Director at SGVP International

Dr.Ashok Patel

Prof at SUG College

Dr.Jagdish Bhavsar

Pro VC Gujarat University

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Our Valued Partners

 ISAAC partners with successful educational institutions. Each partner brings valued knowledge and resources to improve quality of education. Together, we offer solutions to improve education while increasing teachers performance standards.

Digital Content/Smart Learning

Interactive learning is the key to student engagement in the classroom. We provide interactive and innovative  digital learning content.

Customized Training

We understand that a program worked for another may not work for you. Here we offer a special customized training to meet your precise need..

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